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Lorenzo Zirulia

Lorenzo Zirulia is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Milan, and holds a Ph.D. and a Master in Economics from Bocconi University.

Previously, he was Associate Professor of Economics and Assistant Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Bologna. His main research fields are Industrial Organization, Economics of Innovation, Economics of Science and Networks. He held visiting positions at Maastricht University and GREQAM, Marseille. He is affiliated with ICRIOS (Invernizzi Center for Research in Innovation, Organization and Strategy), Bocconi University. He is an applied theorist with a variety of interests, such as pricing, industrial dynamics, interfirm technological cooperation, behavioural industrial organization and the functioning of the scientific community, and an expertise in the telecom and tourism industry. More details at

Recent Publications

  • “Personalized pricing for customer retention: theory and evidence from mobile communication” (with N. Corrocher and G. Capponi), Telecommunications Policy, 45 (1), 102069, 2021.
  • “Misallocation of scientific credit: the role of hierarchy and preferences. An extension of Lissoni et al. (2013)” (with F. Montobbio and F. Lissoni), Industrial and Corporate Change, 29 (6), 1471-1482, 2020.
  • “Does add-on presence always lead to lower baseline prices? Theory and evidence” (with M. Savioli). Journal of Economics, 129 (2), 143–172, 2020
  • "Endogenous growth of open collaborative innovation communities: a supply-side perspective" (with P. Giordani and F. Rullani). Industrial and corporate change, 27 (4), 745–762, 2018.
  • "Above a swamp: a theory of high-quality scientific production" (with B. Kiri and N. Lacetera). Research Policy, 47(5), 827-839, 2018.

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